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Correct feeding is one of the most important aspects of fish keeping. As incorrect feeding can cause most of the problems that you may encounter while owning an aquarium.

Here are some points to help you to understand the importance of feeding fish in the correct fashion. 

Before we continue you must fully understand what OVERFEEDING actually means.

Most people believe that overfeeding is where fish eat so much food that it can kill them,” This is incorrect”.

Overfeeding simply means that food which is not eaten will decay, overload your filters and pollute the water, which in turn can lead to fish loses. So basically YOU have given your fish more food than they can eat, this is the most common problem we find with new aquariums. 

  • It is better that you don't feed for 24 hours after fish are introduced.
  • Pick one spot in the aquarium to introduce the food.
  • Only introduce two or three flakes or pellets.
  • Wait until this food gets the attention of the fish.
  • Make sure that this food is fully eaten before feeding more.
  • Continue to feed two or three pieces of food at a time.
  • Each time allowing this food to be fully eaten.
  • Never crush the food into a powder.
  • You can continue to feed like this for 2-3 minutes or until the fish stop eating whichever comes first.
  • The more aggresive feeders will eat first.
  • When they are full the rest will get their chance to feed.
  • Never fully fill your fish in one feed, always leave them hungry.
  • Remember there should be no food left floating in your aquarium when you are finished, all waste food must be extracted (Using your fishing net).
  • This feeding procedure applies to all basic types of food i.e. (Flakes, pellets and granules).
The bacteria that are needed to consume waste in your filter system can take 4-6 weeks to fully establish, so during this time it is essential that you are careful not to overfeed, as this will pollute water and prolong the set up process. So for the first two weeks only feed every second day, for the next three weeks you can feed every day and when your tank is fully stocked and established you can feed twice daily.
Firstly, the feeding procedure is the same for both new and fully established aquariums. The only difference is, you will be feeding a more varied diet, to accommodate certain varieties of fish e.g. bottom feeders, algae eaters etc. in established aquariums you can feed twice daily once your fish are hungry enough to eat, so if you introduce food and the fish don’t seem to be interested in eating within 1-2 minutes don’t continue. There are a huge variety of foods to choose from NUTRAFIN, KING BRITISH and TETRA are just some of the brands we would recommend. They all offer an extensive range of high quality foods.

We would recommend NUTRAFIN MAX as a basic food; it has low phosphorus content which helps to limit algae growth.

Speciality foods such as, pleco foods, algae tablets, sinking pellets, bloodworms, tubifex worms, brine shrimp etc, should be fed as per instructions.



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