The first filter change should take place at 8 weeks, and every 6 weeks thereafter.
To change the filters simply;

  • Plug out the mains
  • Detach and remove the pump
  • Lift out both filter sponges
  • Place the (old top sponge) on the bottom of the filter chamber.
  • Do not clean this sponge no matter how dirty it is.
  • Then simply place the new sponge on top.
  • Only replace One sponge every 6 weeks.
  • We recommend you add (tetra EasyBalance) at this stage . This treatment reduces nitrates, which will help to control algae and reduce the need for partial water changes
  • Your tank may look a little cloudy after you replace a filter; this is common and should clear up in about 1 hour. 
  • Remember your filters rely on bacteria to consume waste .It is a very bad idea to clean your filters more than 50% at any one time. Always us a filter treatment e.g. (stress zyme) when you replace or rinse your filters.
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